API endpoints in less than 2 minutes

Quickly build CRUD endpoints and increase developer productivity

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Born out of years of frustration, Postkit allows
development teams to design API endpoints so they
can build apps and websites quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

Create your endpoint

Define which fields your endpoint will have and what types they’ll validate and be returned as.

Post some data

Make a POST request to your endpoint using your public token, whether that be from an HTML form or in Javascript.

Marvel at your API

View your data in the Postkit dashboard or use your secret key to query your endpoint directly.

Use Cases

  • API Prototyping
  • Newsletter signups
  • Lead generation
  • Lightweight CMS
  • Helping front and back end teams work together better

    Rapidly design API endpoints so you can focus on building your app without the need to switch between writing client and server side code. Collaborate with your back end team and agree on a structure that serves all the preliminary functionality you need, including validation and type casting.

  • Know how to write markup? You're all set.

    If you can build HTML forms, you can use Postkit. Simply pass your API token as a hidden field in your form and the API will handle the rest. Forget writing server side code; Postkit's got everything you need out of the box.

  • Capture data to make more informed decisions

    Postkit's simple REST API allows you to store and query data from anywhere, whether that be your website or mobile app. You could use it to provide real time analytics, or pipe data into your CRM. Its spreadsheet-like interface allows you to quickly see your data in the form it was created in.

  • API-driven content creation. No learning curve.

    Quickly create content for your landing page or blog by posting data to your endpoint and request it in your view. Postkit's low response time means your users won't have to wait.